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Controllers of personal information

General Manager is the controller for Clemco Norway AS' (hereafter called CN) processing of personal data.

Personal information stored

Personal information that CN collects about you may be:

•    Basic contact details such as name, address, phone number and email
•    Demographic information such as date of birth, age and gender
•    Job information such as employer, title, position, and professional preferences
      and interests
•    Feedback, comments or questions about you about CN or our products and
•    Photos or video related to visits to our premises
•    Content you've uploaded as photos or videos
•    Unique user information such as login ID, username, password, security
      question, etc.
•    Financial information such as credit card information, billing address etc.
•    Information provided by your browser such as the type of browser or terminal,
     operating system, language and address of the website you came from, as well
      as other traffic information such as IP address.
•    Click and move on the CN website and in our products and services
•    Email behavior, such as which emails from CN you open, when and how
•    Other personal information in your profile that you have stated on third party
      social networks, such as LinkedIn.
As a controller, CN does not process sensitive personal information about you.

Purpose of processing your personal information

About customer contacts and users

In order to handle our customer relations in general and to fulfill specific obligations to customers according to service agreements, CN needs to process personal information about you in your role as a customer contact or user of a service. The purpose of processing these personal data is:

a) Conduct Sales and Contract Processing with Customers and Possible Customers
b) Provide Customers and Custom Customers with Products and Services
c) Perform deliveries in accordance with agreements entered into with you or
d) Offer support to users of our products and services
e) Improve and develop the quality, functionality and user experience of our
     products and services, as well as on CNs web sites
f) Detect, minimize and prevent security threats
g) Prevent abuse of our products and services
h) Manage orders, billing, payments, and other management

The legal basis for processing personal information in accordance with the above-mentioned purposes in subparagraphs a) to h) is essentially that CN believes to have a legitimate interest in processing your personal information for these purposes from a business perspective and because we believe that this does not constitute an infringement of your right to a privacy.

About Contacts for possible Customers
CN processes personal contact information for potential customers for marketing purposes. In order to provide targeted and relevant content to potential customers, CN builds a user profile based on the contact's movements, choices and actions on CNs web sites, as well as in the contact's response to an email from us. The legal basis for such treatment is mainly the consent of the contact person.
You can read more about how we create such profiles, how to adjust the profile and withdraw your consent below.

About job seekers
If you are a jobseeker, we process your personal information to evaluate your opportunity and potential to become employed in CN. The legal basis for such treatment is your consent.

The basis for the treatment

The personal information mentioned above is used to fulfill the above agreements with CN. The basis for this processing is Article 6 (1) (b) of the Privacy Regulation. CN also has a legitimate interest in processing contact information about employees of customers based on the Privacy Policy Article 6 (1) (f).

Wherever you have consented, the information will also be used to provide you with information and offers from CN via email, phone and SMS. The basis for this processing is the privacy regulation Article 6 (1) (a). You may withdraw your consent for such use at any time.

Where you have agreed to that, purchase history and behavior pattern will be used to give recommendations and advertisements specifically tailored to you as a user. The basis for this processing is the privacy regulation Article 6 (1) (a). You may withdraw your consent for such use at any time.

Collection of personal data

We store the personal information you have provided to our employees in connection with your purchase.

We use cookies / cookies on our website to provide you with the best customer experience and service page. The Electronic Communications Act requires us to inform our visitors about the use of cookies. For more information about cookies and how they work, read more at

Disclosure of information to third parties

CN partners
CN may share your personal information with our partners in accordance with applicable privacy laws. For example, if you buy a product or service on behalf of your employer as CN offers through one of our certified partners. In such a situation, CN and our partners may share your personal information in order to provide the product or service to the Customer. In order to fulfill our obligations under the agreement, necessary information is provided to our partners (eg freight companies, Bring, TNT, Ramberg, etc.).

Public authorities
The police and other authorities may require handed out personal information from CN. In such situations, CN will only disclose personal data and data if there is a court order or similar to do so.

Mergers and acquisitions
In connection with mergers, acquisitions or reorganization of CN's business, the acquirer, as well as its consultants, could access data managed by the current CN entity or company, which may in some cases include personal information. In such cases, external parties will sign a confidentiality statement with CN.

Deletion of personal data

CN only processes your personal information as long as necessary for the purpose communicated to you or the Customer in connection with the collection of personal information while taking into account our need to answer questions from you or the Customer, resolve disputes, as well as comply with legal obligations under applicable laws. This means that CN can keep your personal information for a reasonable period of time after your and our customer's last interaction with us.

Once the personal information we have collected is no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose behind their collection, we will delete them. We can process data for statistical purposes, but in such cases data will be anonymized, as personal information is not interesting in this regard.


Information we received in connection with your purchase is stored in our active customer account for 3.5 years.
Information we are required to keep in accordance with the Public Administration Act will be stored for up to 5 years, in accordance with the requirements of the Act.

Rights of the Registrar

We process your personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Act and applicable regulations. It is advised that you may require access to and relocation of your personal information, as well as the correcting or deletion of information.

It may be appealed to the Data Inspectorate for processing in violation of the rules.

Information Security

We ensure your personal information by both physical and virtual access and access control, as well as by encrypting sensitive parts of information provided.

Changes to this statement

If we change the privacy statement, we will post the revised edition here with an updated revision date. We encourage you to read through the statement regularly. If we make significant changes to our privacy statement that significantly change our privacy practices, we may also notify you otherwise, for example by emailing or posting a notice on the company's websites and / or social media before the changes enter in force.

The latest update of this Privacy Statement was made on July 10, 2018.


Any inquiries about which information is registered, rectifying and deleting can be sent in writing to the following addresses:

Clemco Norge AS
Postbox 104 Tveita
0617 OSLO